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Use the Shoptimate extension to compare the price without any click. When you browse an item on a online store, a bar shows up at the top to tell you if the exact same item can be found cheaper elsewhere. Including shipping costs

Shoptimate compares all kinds of products : DVD, CD, books, video games, electronic devices, house appliances ... Shoptimate is available in the USA and most European countries.

手動で検索するのが面倒なら、自動で価格比較を行ってくれるブラウザ用アドオン「shoptimate」が便利。楽天やASKUL、ヨドバシなどの価格情報を自動で取得し、最安値のお店を表示してくれます。 Apple Store アスクル ビックカメラ.com
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